Companies are filled with information. Somewhere in the bowels of your intranet lie the answers, policies and procedures you need to do your job or complete a process, but you can't find it. And what good is information if you can't find it? Maybe it's on your intranet? On that page you bookmarked? Or within one of those 30 guides that every employee is supposed to know?

If only you knew.


nowIKnow is an online help system that offers multiple ways to find your information.

Online Guide

A comprehensive collection of multiple user guides and features:

  • Interactive table of contents
  • Search (by book or the entire contents)
  • Index

Ideal for situations where you have no idea where to look. QuickAnswers asks you a series of questions, and narrows down the choices until the answer (and process) you are looking for is found.

User Guides

View, download, and print entire user guides.