Single Sourcing

One guide is not always adequate for everyone.


Many applications have multiple functions, roles, and levels of security. The system administrator needs a comprehensive guide that covers everything, some users just need a two-paged quick start guide, and most users need something in between. So do you need multiple guides for just one product? Perhaps.

But there is an elegant solution available.

Single-sourcing is a time and cost-saving process that uses the same content in different documents or formats. Each user gets his or her own guide, yet the document only had to be written once. For example, in a single sourcing solution, you create a product description once, and have an automated process where the description is used in your online store and in the product’s spec sheets.


      Using this approach, ClicKnowledge has been able to write master documents for clients which then are effortlessly transformed into such content as multiple user guides, training materials, and online help systems.

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          Through single-sourcing we have created:

          •  Three different user guides and and training materials for PolicyMedical
          • A user guide and a comprehensive online help system for RBC DS
          • A user guide and integrated online help for GFI

          Single-sourcing is effective because it:

          • Saves you time

          • Saves you money

          • Alleviates inconsistencies and errors

          • Enables different departments to share information