ClicKnowledge is a training and knowledge management company that creates customized solutions that deliver ROI.

We cater to two main markets:

Small, Medium, or
Family-Owned Businesses


Small, Medium, or Family-Owned Businesses

If you want to maximize your business’s worth or efficiency, then it must be more than a business. It must be a system.

Whether you are looking to grow or exit your business, we create a “Virtual Owner Manual” whereby we document every aspect of the business, and in doing so:

  • Uncover and address gaps and leakages
  • Create redundancies so that the company does not lose information or efficiency when key people leave
  • Bridge management’s and employees’ expectations of each other through job expectations and competencies
  • Enable owners to sell their business to more people for more money

What phase of your business are you at?


With complex organizations often comes complex challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to simplify and then create a deliver a customized solution.

Our consultants work collaboratively with our clients to first determine where there are threats and opportunities and how we can use training and knowledge management to address those issues. Once identified, mapped out and agreed upon, our team of instructional designers and technical writers then executes against our road map to deliver a solution that provides both value and ROI. In the past, those engagements have ranged from software rollouts to sales training, from onboarding to behavior modification. The goal regardless is to empower employees or customers with the necessary information and tools to take action and succeed.

Instructional Design

Increase ROI through training.

Technical Writing

Create informed and loyal customers.

Information Simplified

You may have the best ideas, products, or services, but if your customers don’t know how to use them or your employees can’t implement or deliver efficiently, then you will never reach your potential or dominate the market. Want to take your business to the next level? Let ClicKnowledge help you leverage your existing knowledge and content to get there.

ClicKnowledge provides training content, technical writing services, and content strategies to companies of varying sizes in numerous sectors. We bridge the information gap between you, your customers, and your employees by creating content your target audience can use and apply quickly, and with results you can measure.

Our Clients