About Us

ClicKnowledge started out as a technical writing company, and from there, as client demand grew, we added instructional designers, graphic artists and designers, and programmers. We pride ourselves on being a small company with the diversity, speed, strength, and flexibility to both grow to meet its clients' needs and offer the same services as the larger companies for less.

At ClicKnowledge, we see each new project as a chance to break new ground and surpass our past accomplishments. We pride ourselves on our completed projects, but we pride ourselves even more on our relationships.

Each member of our team brings a unique and eclectic background, business skills and level of professionalism to the table. Headed by Jason Helfenbaum, the ClicKnowledge core team members each offer over ten years of experience in their respective fields. Customers tell us that they especially enjoy working with us because of the know-how and originality we bring to each project.

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