It’s time to sell

After a lifetime of hard work, the end is in sight. You’ve grown, scaled, and accomplished everything you sought out to do with this business, and now it’s time to write the next chapter, whatever that may be. You’re ready to sell and the business is ready to be sold…

What are you really selling?

Few businesses are actually sold the way the owner expects it to happen, and more often than not it’s because the business is not ready. Yes, there are financial and tax implications to be considered, but that aside, is the business itself ready? Can someone else see their future in it, taking it to what they see as the next level?

If it is a business where you own the customer relationships and everything happens through your know-how, then you have a business that in its present state cannot be sold. If someone buys it they will buy it below its true value and leverage some elements of the business: customers, IP/product, or location.

Exit faster and sell for more

If, on the other hand, you have a business that has documented systems in place then you are showing the buyer everything they need to know to run the business, and that enables them to see their future in that business. And that should help you see yourself exiting that business faster, to a broader group of buyers, and for more money.

Our virtual owner manuals provide ongoing knowledge, insight and steps to keep the business running independent of the owner (or any particular person) because it is more than just an idea or a product or a service. It is a system.

Our virtual owner manuals are an investment because we:

  • Can add an additional multiple of 1-2 x EBITDA to the value of the business
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Enable you to sell to a wider range of potential buyers for more money
Looking to exit? We would love to learn more and see how we can help.