More and more companies are using the power of the web to educate their staff and customers through online courses and content. These companies are finding that by adopting e-learning strategies they can move their "classroom" into cyberspace, or complement their existing in-class segments with a blended learning solution to open up global opportunities and make learning more accessible. E-learning is convenient because you set your own schedule, pace, and class time.

E-learning, coupled with advancements in technology and how we present information, are continuing to transform the way we train. One of the challenges, however, is that companies and organizations often see their LMS (Learning Management System) as a complete solution when in fact it is only a part of it. It hosts the content, but it does not create the content. For that you don’t require subject matter experts, but instructional design experts who can transform the raw information into effective and usable content. ClicKnowledge's instructional designers specialize in taking both raw ideas and existing content and converting either into online courses that inspire learning to give you the measured results you need, such as improvements in employee efficiency and the bottom line.


Back in the early 2000s, RBC DOMINION SECURITIES created a 90-Day New Hires course for their newly hired Investment Advisors (IAs) – both competitive hires, and newly licensed IAs. By 2010, the course was showing its age. ClicKnowledge created a course that was comprehensive, user-friendly, applicable, and easily retainable.