Employee Handbooks

Your employees are critical to your success. So how do you train them to succeed?

There are countless initiatives you can undertake to better train and equip your employees, from hard skills training, such as IT literacy, to soft skills training, such as sales improvement courses. Like any initiative, the success of your training is largely determined by the degree to which your staff adopt and implement what they learn.

Proven Success: FIELDGATE

Fieldgate a leader in the Canadian building and land development industry, has always placed a high value on personal growth and achievement in serving its clients and carrying out its corporate goals. Until recently, Fieldgate HR policies and issues were dealt with on an ad hoc basis. The company recognized that they needed an Employee Handbook, but also recognized that the handbook could not be something generic. It had to reflect the company's unique blend of philosophy, culture and goals. ClicKnowledge was approached to create such a guide, and did so by working closely with Fieldgate.

Fieldgate's employees now have a clear understanding of what is required of them and how they can excel. Managers now have clear expectations and guidelines as to how they can more effectively manage their team while maintaining a safe, professional, and efficient work environment. Policies and procedures are organized and easy to find, and Clicknowledge created a range of professional forms to accompany them.

The cost savings for Fieldgate has been substantial because time is no longer wasted in determining a policy or how to handle a given situation, and clearly delineated expectations have both improved Fieldgate's work environment from a variety of perspectives and reduced the possibility of a wrongful dismissal suit. The handbook also ensures that employees and managers alike are unified in pursuing Fieldgate's corporate goals.