Our Team

Jason Helfenbaum

I am a relationship-oriented leader who loves to pay it forward. Although I often think in terms of systems and processes, I am even more fascinated with people. I love growing relationships and determining how I, my team, and my network can best be of service to others.

I started ClicKnowledge because as a child I was constantly being told by my teachers that I was a bright student who was not living up to his potential, but no one gave me a plan of how I might work towards achieving that potential. I later realized that most professionals are in that same situation. Numerous owners are driven to succeed, and employees have expectations that are thrust upon them, but the path to success for either is usually not so clear.

My specialty is developing strategies that create a measured ROI for my clients and their employees, applying both a top-down and bottom-up approach to ensure that we create solutions that serves everyone.

Beth Finkelman

Once Jason has properly onboarded a client and developed a coherent strategy or gameplan, Beth then takes over. Beth is in charge of client relationships from a fulfillment perspective and ensures that all client deliverables are on time and meet or exceed client metrics and expectations. She also has an incredible knack for coming up with beautiful and creative solutions that directly address client needs.