Growing beyond Growth mode

For a business to succeed, it needs all of the components working in unison. But for a business to succeed it also needs to scale those different components. If you have been fortunate enough to grow your business to the point where you are ready to scale, then know that you have achieved a level that few do. And you also realize just how essential systems are in order for your business to grow at this level

What to scale and what to avoid

You see that as your business scales, so does everything else: head count, sales, expenses, and silos.

Unless you are a farmer, there should be no silos in your business. A siloed business is one where knowledge and information does not flow freely.

Silos lead to:

  • Departments (e.g. Sales and Marketing) not understanding or supporting each other
  • Only one person in the company knowing a critical element that keeps your business running…who then leaves (and that critical information leaves with her too).
  • New employees not being properly onboarded or having access to the necessary resources

Become more than a business

Most business owners and their executive teams are taking responsibility for things which actually stifle growth. What if the business was self-sustaining and leadership can focus on strategy and have others be responsible and execute against it?

Done properly, when you scale, you have more than a business. You have a system, and one that has a life of its own, not reliant on any particular person to survive. McDonald’s is a restaurant, but the key to its success is having a system that is repeatable.

To properly scale your business you need systems that can scale with it and knowledge of those systems to sustain and grow them.

We can help in each of these areas by:

  • Creating supporting content that helps you scale
  • Aligning your vision with your strategy and reinforcing it through your process
  • Reinforcing processes and models that are repeatable and scalable
  • Transition them from operations to strategy or from operator to owner
  • Using strategy, process, and content to improve efficiency
  • Ensuring knowledge is institutionalized and retained

With our help, that vision is quite easily attainable.