Online Help

Information at the click of a button.

That is what people expect today, and often, within a click or two your clients will decide how great or user-friendly your product is. Whether your support and online help documentation is integrated into your product or hosted on your site or intranet, you need a user-friendly and streamlined system that customers can use to problem-solve or your employees can use to find that process or procedure. And this trend is not just for hi-tech companies. More and more industries are leveraging their web sites to provide their customers with the information they need.

ClicKnowledge has experience in both creating and updating content for the most common online help systems as well as designing and supporting customized online help solutions.

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Proven Success: Altus Group

After working on the TAP project, Altus Group contacted us to develop training material for their Workday rollout. Given that Workday is role-based, ClicKnowledge developed different web portals for each user. Those roles that had straight forward processes were presented in a concise manner; those that had several moving parts that involved other users were presented in flows so that each user knew who was responsible for what and when.

Proven Success: Next Pathway

Next Pathway's Cornerstone is a metadata-driven Data Lake platform for ingesting and managing various data sources. Cornerstone is extremely powerful - ingesting billions of records with relative ease – and its configuration and deployment are highly technical and involve numerous considerations.

Recognizing that there were both technical and non-technical users, ClicKnowledge created a wiki whose home page featured two interactive workflows that catered to both user types, as well as a choice of focus between system set up and ongoing maintenance. The goal of the wiki was to both address technical issues and specifications, as well as help with site implementations. While the information was rather complex, ClicKnowledge was able to simplify and streamline it so that users could be both guided and find the information they need with a minimal number of clicks. Once ClicKnowledge created the initial wiki, Next Pathway was then easily able to update content on an ad hoc basis.