Single Sourcing

Single Sourcing

One guide is not always adequate for everyone.

Many applications have multiple functions, roles, and levels of security. The system administrator needs a comprehensive guide that covers everything, some users just need a two-paged quick start guide, and most users need something in between. So do you need multiple guides for just one product? Perhaps.

But there is an elegant solution available.

Single-sourcing is a time and cost-saving process that uses the same content in different documents or formats. Each user gets his or her own guide, yet the document only had to be written once. For example, in a single sourcing solution, you create a product description once, and have an automated process where the description is used in your online store and in the product's spec sheets.


Using this approach, ClicKnowledge has been able to write master documents for clients which then are effortlessly transformed into such content as multiple user guides, training materials, and online help systems.

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Through single-sourcing we have created:

  • Three different user guides and and training materials for PolicyMedical
  • A user guide and a comprehensive online help system for RBC DS
  • A user guide and integrated online help for GFI

Single-sourcing is effective because it:

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Alleviates inconsistencies and errors
  • Enables different departments to share information

Proven Success: RBC Dominion Securities

Advisors and associates at RBC use various applications in their day-to-day operations. The ease with which they can access and apply information to their portfolio building makes a big difference in dollars and cents. Carrying out the supportive functions of their job needed to be made easier and quicker. RBC Dominion Securities hired ClicKnowledge to revise their entire collection of Business Application user guides and create an online help system. Feedback from the users and management has been overwhelmingly positive, to the extent that ClicKnowledge is now an internal partner for RBC DS training and documentation initiatives.

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Proven Success: PolicyMedical

Like ClicKnowledge, PolicyMedical is a Toronto-based company with clients all across North America. They had just upgraded their flagship product, and with it, they required an upgrade to their support and training materials. By employing a single-sourcing solution, ClicKnowledge was able to create three user guides and two training packages in less than three weeks. Single-sourcing also means that future upgrades across all documents are done effortlessly just once.

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Proven Success: Altus Group

When Altus Group created their own TAP software tool to review property assessment and tax details, they contacted ClicKnowledge to create the training content. ClicKnowledge developed training content that was flexible enough to be experienced in-class, through video conferencing, or self-taught. The training content was also repurposed to provide Support content for the users post-launch.