User Guides

Are your customers lost?


Simply put, educated customers are loyal customers. Your product may be the best in its class, but if your customers don’t know how to use it then they won’t share your enthusiasm, nor are they likely to buy from you again.

A proper user guide serves two purposes for two distinct audiences. There are those who read the entire guide to get an overall understanding of how your product works and what it can do. Then there are those who only turn to the guide when they are lost or in trouble. Do your guides address both readers?

Your user guides are a direct channel to your customers. Within those few pages, they will determine if your product meets their needs and expectations. In this economy, it is critical to retain your market share, and we have worked with numerous companies in numerous sectors to make sure their guides elevate their customers into satisfied users. Some of our clients even use their user guides as sales tools.


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